Meet Fusemox

A website starter kit with a mock Fusebox 'framework' that enables Coldfusion Developers to set up a website with a basic framework quickly and easily.

Fusemox was created as a way for developers to quickly set up a website with a basic framework that allows them to keep their website code structured and easy to maintain. It is meant for developers of small-to-medium sized websites that require an easy framework with no overhead or learning curve.

Fusemox is based on the earlier Fusebox 2 framework and is more of a methodology and best practice than an actual framework.

Fusemox comes with a choice of copy-and-paste bundles that developers can just download and use to get their next Coldfusion website up and running in a matter of minutes.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Stop wasting time on over-complicated frameworks and get started developing your application.


Fusemox is a Mock Fusebox 'Framework' for Dummies that enables you to set up a website with a basic framework quickly and easily without any hassle.


Fusemox is aimed at developers of small to medium sized web applications looking for a quick and easy way to set up a new Coldfusion website with an easy to follow framework.


Fusemox has NO core framework files and is perfect for small to medium web applications that require a quick and easy framework for keeping website code structured, clear and easy to maintain.


Fusemox is simply a methodology or best practice that should be followed, rather than a framework. Fusemox comes bundled with example starter websites that can be downloaded and used as a base for your new web application.

How It Works


The user clicks a link or types in a URL

As you can see below, the link contains a special variable called fuseaction. This tells the application what needs to be done. In this case it is home.about.


You handle the fuseaction in the index.cfm file

In the index.cfm switch statement, you create a new case for home.about. Then you include the coldfusion template for that fuseaction - in this case which contains the code to display the About Us page. Lastly, you indicate which layout file should be used for wrapping the site content. (optional)


Voila! Your first page!

That's all it takes to get your first page up and running!

Get Started

To get started, simply pick the appropriate level that suits your needs and place it in your web root and run it. Then, customise it, add your own code, apply your own custom styling / theme, and you are on your way to launching your website!
Cool Bananas!

Level 1: Core
This is the Demo Example Site and is recommended for first time users and learning. This version allows for custom fusebox variable names.
View the Core Demo / Click Here to Download Fusemox Level 1

Level 2: Basic
The Basic website expands on Core by implementing environmental settings (production/staging/development) and adding a simple contact form as demonstration.
Coming once we are out of beta...

But Wait!
There's More...

Although still debating it, in future we may offer additional levels and downloads with more prewritten code and functionality such as CFC and API integration, Service/Dao/Bean support, Easy Ajax, Code Generation and more. That all depends on the popularity and the time and effort it takes to manage and support these initial two levels
Quick and Easy

Quick to learn and easy to setup. Understand the methodology in 10 minutes or your money back, guaranteed :P

So Sexy

Plug in any fancy template or theme and you have a great looking website that is ready to go in an instant.

Custom Development

No core files. No complicated jargon or lexicons. Just plain and simple Coldfusion - customized any way you decide.

About Fusemox

About Fusemox and how it came about

As developer and small business owner myself, I understand the need for the perfect balance between value and quality. We want the best website built in the shortest period of time, or, more importantly, for the cheapest price possible.

Working as a freelancer, I recognized the need for small-to-medium sized businesses to have a framework for their websites that didn't require a degree (and days) to figure out and implement. Unfortunately, the truth is that most of the Coldfusion frameworks out there are just too "academic" and designed by perfectionist coders. This makes them unneccessarily complicated and takes time (and thus money) to understand, which goes against the best interest of the business.

This also leaves most developers that aren't highly experienced with no option but to avoid using these bloated frameworks as they don't understand them and it would take too long to figure it out. Thus they land up creating some hack of their own that is unstructured and just horrible for others to maintain.

This is where Fusemox comes to the rescue. Not only do we provide a very simple framework, but also ready to use starter websites that can be copy-and-pasted and built upon. Also, its MVC-type structure allows you to plug in html templates which can be purchased cheaply making the website construction process even easier. With Fusemox and a cheap HTML template, you can quite easily get a new website up and running in a matter of hours. In fact, this website was created doing just that.

Say What?


Fusemox cuts out all the crap and keeps things simple.

It is the best solution for small to medium sized websites and you can easily get a website up and running in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

If you need to get a hold of me personally, just email me at:

- Paolo Broccardo, Creator

Fusemox Beta.
Created by Paolo Broccardo, a freelance Coldfusion Developer and the founder of Cheeky Online LTD
Using Fusemox, Railo, Twitter Bootstrap and the Slick Template.
Really cool ready-to-go website designs available at Theme Forest